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Ultra Light Social Autonomous Electric Rail Transport​

Few years ago we started thinking about the idea of Ultra Light Social Autonoums Rail Transport. With the gaining popularity of the Personal Transport Vehicles we think that there is a gap to use unused railway tracks for the people transportation needs. Motorized draisines are nothing new , however using them as the organized transport is new. Lets decode all parts of name:  


The first important and obvious thing – our vehicle will be running on rails, that is not used for an other rail vehicle.

Advanteges: stability, dedicated corridor (unlike for example bike lane), energy efficiency

Disadvantages: we can only use existing rail tracks, in case of single tracks we need to handle turnouts

Ultra Light

We believe that it is crucial for the project success – typical heavy electric scooter that can carry without issue 2 riders weight 30kg. We believe that it is possible to create electric vehicle that will only weight 20kg per passanger.



The idea of our project is to create something that will benefit community.