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ShareMap migration to Travegeo

Thank you for 10 year involvment into platform!

With planned decomissioning of the Adobe Flash platform we were aware that time of original ShareMap Editor is over. In the meantime Travegeo engine was create.


We decided to migrate all the content from ShareMap to Travegeo.
So maps are here however – styling and editing is not fully available yet. However nothing is lost we are working on this.


Editing is temporarily disabled but will be available again till end of March 2021.

Original authors will then have again access to edit their maps.

In case of editing we plan to first reenable basic editing functions:

  • Map components in the structure
  • Point, line, shape, rectangle component
  • Basic line/shape actions – join, split, continue, remove

And then migrate more advanced one – on demand

If you want to continue editing your mail please also let us know with your email and map URL we will be able to give you back editing capabilities in the end of 2021.
Contact address: