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The goal of Open Train Project is to promote trains and rail related infrastructure as safe, ecological and fun place for traveling, having leisure and spending free time.


World Train Map

Our goal is to create map of the passenger railways for the entire world. This is not easy task, but also not something that is not possible. We would like to use the map for the promotion of the travelling by rail – the most sustainable way of transport. We have already mapped 93% of the passenger train network – but work is still in progress. We are waiting for users feedback.

Railbikes, Draisens and Heritage

There are hundreds of heritage and draisine railways running all over the world. They provide good opportunity to learn about history of rail transport and spend free time.

Human powered vehicles like the railbikes and draisines additional links railway exploration with physical activities in clear enviroments.


Ultra Light Social Autonomous Rail Transport

In recent years, personal transport has gained a lot of popularity. Electric scooters for rent made it possible to move around the city quickly and efficiently. Giving up cars means ecology. There are hundreds of kilometers of disused railroads in the world that can be used to guide traffic by ultralight vehicles. As vehicles traveling on tracks are more stable and have less resistance to motion, they can be used by many people and the elderly.