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Edinburgh’s Gorgeous Streets

I have already visited many European countries. It was mainly the same continent, so one day I decided to go to Scotland by myself. Little did i know that it would be the trip of my life, and I don’t regret any second of it.

I was sure that my plan was perfect. I was supposed to fly to Brussels from Warsaw, then to Edinburgh from Brussels, because that way I would pay less for the tickets. And so I did reach Brussels… but then found out my another flight got cancelled. I’ve never had to face anything like this before, so I was terrified. I stared at the flights and departures board like an idiot, praying that the status of my plane would change, but nothing like that happened. So I took my things and tried to make the most of it.

I went to the information booth of the airline I was travelling with, and, luckily, they provided me with a place to stay for the night and ensured that I will be able to reach Edinburgh the next day. So there I was, alone in the country I’ve never been to, with nothing but my suitcase and a ticket for tomorrow’s flight.

I didn’t even know how to get to the hotel that I was supposed to stay in, so I opened Traveler. God, that app saved my life that night. I reach the hotel by bus and found out it was a four-star hotel. I’m pretty sure I took one of the most expensive showers of my life that night. In the morning I discovered that the airlines had also paid for breakfast, which made me very happy. I flew to Edinburgh before noon. When I finally got there, I could finally breathe a sigh of relief. If only it hadn’t been so windy. And if it hadn’t rained.

Traveler once again helped me with navigating the city. I reached my hotel, unpacked and, when it stopped raining, I set out on a tour of the city. Traveler guided me to all of the most important places, and so I started with Edinburgh Castle; the most famous landmark. The collection of Crown Jewels was stunning, and the view was simply breathtaking. The wasn’t enough for me, so I took a stroll down the Princes Street and Gardens. After a long day, I relaxed at a small cafe and went back to the hotel.

Edinburgh Castle

The next day I went to see Greyfriars Church and Greyfriars Bobby. I’ve had the chance of seeing the city’s oldest graveyard, and then touched Greyfriars Bobby’s nose for good luck. The statue was, at some point, my favourite thing about the city; it looked adorable with that golden little nose. One of my friends who once visited Edinburgh told me to see Camera Obscura and World of Illusions, so that’s where I went as well, and I must say that I was amazed by all of the illusions.

Greyfriars Bobby

On the third day, Traveler guided me to the Scottish National Gallery. The most amazing thing about it was that… anyone could enter it for free. Of course, the art was interesting as well, and I was happy to see all of it. Finally, I visited The Elephant House in which JK Rowling created Harry Potter. Then I walked down Victoria Street, which was an inspiration for creating Diagon Alley. I paid a visit to Museum Context and The Boy Wizard to buy some magical stuff.

Victoria Street

When I went home a few days later, there were no problems with my flights, but leaving Edinburgh’s gorgeous streets and it’s friendly people was hard for me. It truly felt right to be there, like it could be my new home; I hope to visit it again one day.

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