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Celebrating New Year’s Eve in London

New Year’s Eve is a special evening. Spending it in New York and watching the ball drop on Times Square may be amazing, but admiring the fireworks over the River Thames is an unforgettable experience. You may consider going on a trip to London on that special night, if you’re looking for an interesting way to spend the New Year’s Eve.

London offers a great number of attractions. Whether you are a fan of quiet nights or crazy partying, you will surely find something that will satisfy your needs. What is more, with Traveler’s help, you will easily find your way to all the places you want to get to.

For the record, you might want to watch the fireworks from the famous The Shard. The view from the skyscraper is to die for, and when the clock strikes midnight, you will be able to see the colourful lights from up above. It’s a great place for couples, but you can just as well go alone and still have a lot of fun.

The Shard

If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, The Ritz will be perfect for you and your soulmate. You can have an amazing dinner and dance to the 20’s music on a themed black-tie party organized in the Palm Court. At midnight, you will be able to witness something great, too – a military marching band will appear to escort you to the live countdown.

People who enjoy some quiet time for themselves will appreciate river cruises. Sightseeing is way more fun when you’re doing it from the boat. What is more, you may drink some coffee and eat a small meal in one of the on-board cafes. That way, you will be able to relax and still experience a special New Year’s Eve.

Those who like to have fun may be interested in visiting one or a few of many available rooftop restaurants. Just like in the case of The Shard, you will be able to watch the fireworks among the clouds. Have some liquor, food, and all that while watching the sky full of colours.

If that trip will be your first visit to London, be sure to check out Traveler. The app will make everything a lot easier for you; it will navigate you around the city, whether you’re there to celebrate or to see some famous landmarks. London offers a variety of attractions, and those mentioned above are just a few of them. You may want to see Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London or London Eye as well. Be sure to check out as many places as you possibly can – believe me, it’s worth it.

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