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A Walk Around the City of Angels

When my friend first told me he was going to visit his family in Los Angeles, I was incredibly jealous. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see the world-famous City of Angels? The whole thing sounded like a dream come true to me, but my friend was not as excited as I was. Mainly because he did not know almost any of the attractions aside of Hollywood Walk of Fame. When he asked me for an opinion on which places to visit, I gave him a list. And when he came back from his big trip, he was over the moon.

My friend told me a long story about his adventures, and how he managed around the city only thanks to Traveler. He added all of the attractions I mentioned to him to the map in the app, and it guided him everywhere, even to a not-so-pricey restaurant when he got hungry.

My friend was most delighted by Santa Monica Pier. He said he went there with his cousin and their friends and had a lot of fun in the amusement park. They were lucky enough to stumble upon a movie screening, so after a whole day on the Ferris wheel, rollercoaster and carousel, it was a nice change of pace for them. They also took a stroll down the Venice Boardwalk earlier that day, where he claimed to have drank the best coffee he ever tasted.

Santa Monica Pier

He was also lucky enough to visit the Universal Studios the next day. That is probably what I envied him the most, though he told me that without Traveler’s help he would never even get there (he got lost twice before he remembered about the app). Anyway, he got himself a Harry Potter wand, and will never forgive him for not buying one for me as well.

In the evening, he payed a visit to the Griffith Observatory. He was amazed by the view that he got to see; he said that he never expected to see the Hollywood Sign, but there he was, watching it from afar. He also mentioned that the planetarium show was to die for (and, judging by his delight, I believed him right away).

Griffith Observatory

On the last day of the trip, he visited Chinatown. He took many pictures of the famous Chinatown Central Plaza (that was… a lot of neon lights), although he swore he did not go there for the views. He was always a fan of Chinese dishes, so he had a meal in a few of famous restaurants. He said that it was probably the best day of his entire life. As a fan of food, I can definitely relate (because I would probably do the same and eat as much as he did).

All in all, he told me that without Traveler, he would still be stuck somewhere in Los Angeles, trying to find his way home. Knowing his terrible field orientation, it is possible. I can almost imagine him asking strangers for directions. I am happy that he came back, though. Mainly because he did bring me some amazing souvenirs, so even if I did not get to visit Los Angeles myself, I kinda felt like I was there with my friend. His Facebook profile was full of photos and videos when Traveler published them, after all, and I’m glad that he had fun.

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