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A Friendly Trip To Saint Petersburg

I didn’t know anything about Saint Petersburg. The only thing I was aware of is that it was somewhere in Russia and that there was a beautiful palace somewhere in the city. So, when my friend asked me to visit her there once, I at least tried to do my research. Google showered me with pretty pictures and I suddenly became pretty interested in seeing a lot of places.

When I reached Saint Petersburg, there was snow everywhere. My friend picked me up from the airport and we spent the first day at her place, catching up. I told her about the places I wanted to see and she told me that even though she had been living in St. Petersburg for almost three years, she still hadn’t seen all the tourist attractions. We decided to see the city properly together and we quickly created our own route in Traveler.

The next day, early in the morning, we started our tour at the Palace Square. We wanted to visit the Winter Palace first, and that’s exactly what we did. Once we got there… we didn’t want to leave. The place was breathtaking, but enormous – without a guide we would definitely get lost (not that we would mind; we both decided that we if we could live there, we would). We loved the tour around the Hermitage Museum, mainly because we are both big fans of museums.

Palace Square & Winter Palace

Later that day, we had a coffee and lunch at a small cafe near the Palace Square and decided to see the church of Savior on the Spilled Blood since we’ve had the chance. We were both thrilled to see that building. There was marble and mosaics everywhere, and everything about it was just beautiful. We also stopped at the Faberge Museum on our way home. I was excited to see so much jewellery in one place; there was also a lot of art and of course famous Fabergé eggs made for Russian emperors. Those things were priceless.

Church of the Saviour on the Blood

The next day my friend got behind a wheel of her car and drove us to Grand Peterhof Palace shortly after breakfast. Traveler guided us through the whole city, and we both joked that we would be wandering around forever without its help. Anyway, the Palace had one of the most amazing gardens I have ever seen, even though it was almost completely covered with snow. We took a long walk around it. I forgot how cold it was while having so much fun.

The Grand Peterhof Palace

After lunch we drove to Tsarskoye Selo. Luckily, my friend booked tickets for us the day before, so waiting in line was not as tiring as I thought it would be. That museum was definitely my favourite one. I fell in love with the crystal chandeliers and gold gilding. The famous Amber Room was almost overwhelming, even though it was only a reconstructed chamber.

The Amber Room

When I came back from Saint Petersburg a few days later, my social media profiles were thriving, because Traveler helped me with publishing all the photos and videos from my trip. All my friends wanted to hear more about the places I visited. Even now, when I talk about Saint Petersburg, I smile fondly to myself.

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